Babies are divine and a true blessing for every parent. It is essential to understand the karmic path of your newborn child to protect them from any challenges and understand their growth pattern from Day 1.

It is not only the baby but also the parents who are cosmically linked to the child and will experience cosmic changes in various aspects of their lives. It is essential to understand these changes and challenges to maintain balance. In this consultation, Dr. Radhika decodes the birth charts and NumeroScopes of the newborn and the parents, in depth to guide, predict and give solutions.

Sciences used during consultation

  • Vedic and Predictive Astrology
  • Nakshatra Technique (Sky Map)
  • Numerology
  • Vedic Mantras
  • Life Coaching


Baby Horoscope is the perfect investment for you if you are new parents and wish to ensure a bright future for your family full of Wealth, Love, Health and Happiness.