Dr. Radhika A. Jain

Dr. Radhika A. Jain is an internationally renowned public figure and one of the most diversely educated and experienced Astrologer, Numerologist, Vastu consultant and Vedic coach in the world.

Based out of Boston, she is a successful Astrologer, Numerologist, Vastu consultant, Vedic Coach, Relationship Counsellor and Gemologist. Over the past 10 years, she has focused on enriching numerous lives through her consultations and workshops across USA, Canada and India.

Dr. Radhika found Ishvaa Life with the vision of honoring the divinity of Vedic sciences by adapting them to provide

“Sensible solutions for modern day situations”

Today, She is a global impact creator and provides expert counselling for issues related to Wealth, Career, Business, Marriage, Health, Childbirth.

Confidentiality and Integrity are of at most importance in Dr. Radhika’s sessions. Her loyal client network includes Fortune 500 Executives, Entrepreneurs, Celebrities and Media Professionals.

Ishvaa Life

Ishvaa means Ishvar, which is widely translated as God and is an anagram of Shivaa – the hindu trinity. Dr. Radhika is an avid worshipper of Shivaa and founded Ishvaa Life, inspired by the divine teachings of Shivaa to serve as a Guiding, Self Awareness, Coaching and Consultation tool for her clients, students and followers worldwide.

Ishvaa Life is the world’s leading Vedic Spirituality Platform, where you can receive experienced and logical Vedic guidance, Remedies and Learnings that focus on improving key areas of your life such as Health, Finances, Relationships, Education. 

With major presence in USA, Canada and India, Vedic expert, Educationalist and Philanthropist, Dr. Radhika A. Jain found Ishvaa Life in 2016 to streamline her global base of clients and students.

Ishvaa Life is continually funding research into the Vedic sciences to merge the Vedic systems with modern technologies to ensure at most accuracy in this field for self and other astrologers and numerologists.

Expert Areas