This experience offers you a unique opportunity to understand your life path in accurate detail. Vedic life coaching is a combination of Vedic insight and modern life coaching principles. Vedas highlight the four key pursuits of human life to achieve fulfillment and happiness. The lack of awareness and coordination between these pursuits makes an individual dissatisfied and unhappy.In this consultation, Dr. Radhika decodes these sacred Vedic scriptures to guide you in manifesting your best life!

Sciences used during consultation

  • Vedic Astrology
  • Predictive Astrology
  • Nakshatra Technique (Sky Map)
  • Vedic Mantras
  • Law of Attraction


Vedic Life Coaching is the perfect investment for you

  • If you want to create wealth
  • If you want to fulfill your desires
  • If you want to know your purpose in life
  • If you want to create a winning life map
  • If you want to understand your past experiences and heal from them
  • If you want to use your strengths to overcome your life challenges
  • If you want to live a more confident, mindful and progressive life